We are a kitesurfing/kiteboarding school based in Lebanon and depending on the wind direction and speed, we operate in different areas of the country anywhere from Tyre to Tripoli. During the main season (May-Sept/Oct) we mainly operate at a small beach just before Tripoli. Our instructors are all certified and safety is our priority. We provide all necessary kitesurfing/kiteboarding lessons and gear for rental and purchase at very competitive prices. We use different brands of kites and boards for all our lessons and rentals.


We organize kite trips & kite safaris to the nearby Rabbit Island and to neighboring countries such as Egypt, Turkey and Greece. We can also help to organize kite surfing trips to countries further away such as Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.


International instructors are occasionally hired to bring a new spirit to the kite scene where we strive to keep a high and professional level of kite-teaching.


We like to think of ourselves of more than just a kite school but more like a family of friends who share the same passion. Most of our students who continued to become independent riders are now all part of this family along with visiting kiters and instructors from abroad. In the end it's not just about kite surfing but also about the community and friends who meet on the beach whenever there is wind.



See you on the water

LBK Team

Tobia Kmeid

Kite junky and founder of Lebanon By Kite

Hi Kitebuddies,


My story in short: In 2000 I flew my first kite in Tarifa and crashed it after two minutes. I then taught myself how to fly a real kitesurfing kite in Lebanon in 2001 after buying one with 2 other friends and in the summer of 2003 I was already teaching kitesurfing in Italy while working for my buddy and kite instructor from Cabarete, Cristian Topi.


I love this sport so much that I travel around the world to discover the best spots and the best winds (Dominican Republic, USA, Italy, Sweden, France, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Egypt, and even to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...) 


I'm very happy when I see our new students learning and enjoying kite surfing and gliding for the first time over water. The first time is always memorable


See you soon flying with us in Lebanon!

Summer 2017

George Haddad, Lebanon


After more than a year of teaching and managing schools in Asia ( Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam) George is back in Lebanon and will be heading the school once again for the summer 2017 season. He has been kiting for over 10 years and is a well seasoned IKO Level II instructor .Take advantage of his teaching experience before he sets sail to his next destination!

PAst Team members


Jessy Baettig, Switzerland



Jessy was our instructor during summer 2013 in Lebanon and discovered Kitesurfing in Hawaii.

Before she traveled to Lebanon she taught in Colombia, where she gained a lot of experience. She kited all around the world but most of the time in Turkey, Italy, Greece and Brazil. She loves to follow the wind in order to fulfill her biggest passion – Kitesurf!






Nicolas Saadeh, Lebanon


Nic was one of our kite instructors from 2013-2015 Lebanon. He discovered his passion for all outdoor sports a long time ago. He started Kitesurfing in Lebanon with Lebanon By Kite and since then greatly helped around. When Nic has a day off he loves to go free diving. If he catches the right fish, Nic will seduce you with the best sushi. Nic is now running his own climbing school in Lebanon and we wish him the best of luck. You can contact his climbing school through www.flyingfrog.co






Elie Abdel Nour, Lebanon


Elie started Kitesufing in 2001 but he had to stop for some years for several reason unknown to mankind :). He picked the kite back from his basement to ride the waves again in 2010. He is one of the 2 guys that started with Tobia back in 2001. He has been kiting in different countries like Cyprus and Egypt but his number one spot remains Lebanon, where he feels at home. 




Amor Nemo, Egypt - Summer 2016 








Sofia Moraes, Venezuela - Summer 2012 






Philipp Zach, Austria - Summer 2012